Land of dreams to dreamland: Dream of a state to a state of a dream

The production of Architecture in light of the dream of a state / nation

This symposium addresses the architectural production in Palestine in light of the Palestinian dream(s) of a state/nation. It mainly focuses on the shifting states of the dream and its reflection on the scene. The whole theme revolves around investigating architecture and built environment in Palestine as a means for understanding the Palestinian dream and its connection to the global Arab world and the transformations it is currently undergoing. Professors from the Architectural Engineering Department at Birzeit University in Palestine are invited to lead a day of round tables on the state of the contemporary architectural scene.

With the participation of :
– Mr Dr. Yasser Elsheshtawy, Adjunct Professor of Architecture at Columbia University and a visiting scholar at the Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington, DC-
– Mrs Arch. Nadia Habash, chief designer and director of Habash Consulting Engineers (HCE) – an award winning practice and an adjunct lecturer at the Department of Architecture at BZU
– Mr Dr. Arch. Shadi Ghadban, Associate Professor in the Department of Architectural Engineering/ Faculty of Engineering at Birzeit University, Palestine
– Mr Dr. Abaher Sakka, Associate professor at the department of social and behavioral sciences at Birzeit University

Scientific coordination in collaboration with Birzeit University:
– Mme Dr. Shaden Awad, Faculty Member of Department Of Architectural Engineering
– Mme Arch. Dima Yaser, Faculty Member of Department Of Architectural Engineering
– Mr Dr. Yasid Al Rifai, Chair Person of Department Of Architectural Engineering

Roundtables schedule:
Saturday, March 17th, 2018
• From 11AM to 1PM: Land of Dreams 
– The Middle-East: Architecture between the traditional and the global
– Palestinian Architecture: the nostalgia vs. the Modern
• From 2.30PM to 4.30PM: The dream of dreams – the Project of a State
– The Political – neoliberalism- the Dream of the state
– Community Architecture: the imaginary and the practice
– The new era: Between West Bank & Gaza

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