Les Vinaigreries Dessaux

“Inviting one’s self to an impasse”

The site of the ancient vinegar factory Dessaux has affirmed itself as a particularly interesting architectural composite: 1500 years of both local and global history are concentrated around and within its walls, where the Roman Empire and the industrial empire collide, the Val de Loire and acescence of wine, architecturally built with timber post-and-beam, and metal framing from Eiffel. The barren space will soon be converted into an “artistic and cultural factory.” It is currently one of the architectural projects for the city of Orléans and is being accompanied by the Frac Centre-Val de Loire.

In October 2016, the Frac Centre-Val de Loire commissioned a research project concerning the Orléans vinegar producer to a group of students from the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture in Nantes. Operating a shift in debates about the future of the site, the installation proposed by the students inside the “Eiffel Hall” reveals a narrative organization that unites the past, the postponed, the present, the future and the anticipated.

The ancient vinegar factory will also play host to a video installation with programming organized by
the Italian curator Marco Brizzi.