Ensamble Studio

(Spain, 1969 & USA, 1981)

Antón García-Abril & Débora Mesa

Ensamble Studio, Towers of Landscape, Layered, modélisation 3D, 2017. Courtesy Ensamble Studio

Ensamble Studio is an architectural firm based in Madrid and Boston. They are a multidisciplinary team of architects founded in 2000 and run by architects Antón García-Abril (1969) and Debora Mesa (1981). The firm positions itself at the intersection of research and practice and seeks to underpin its work within the natural environment, taking inspiration from local geological formations.

Among the studio’s most important works are the Hemeroscopium House and the Reader’s House in Madrid (2008). Alongside this, Antón García-Abril and Debora Mesa were curators of the Spanish Spainlab pavilion for the 13th Venice Architecture Biennale in 2012, the same year as their founding of the POPlab (Prototypes of Prefabrication Laboratory) research centre at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) which they still run.

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