Encore Heureux

(Algeria, 1977 - France, 1977 - France, 1973)

Nicola Delon, Julien Choppin & Sébastien Eymard

Encore Heureux Architectes, Une diagonale, conversation avec Patrick Bouchain, 2017. Photographie de tournage. Photographs of the shoot. Courtesy Encore heureux Architectes. © Grégoire Merlin.

Encore Heureux [‘Still Happy’] is an architectural agency founded by Nicola Delon and Julien Choppin in Paris in 2001. Both architects graduated from Ecole nationale supérieure d’architecture de Paris la Villette ENSAPLV, in 2002. The agency was the winner of the new albums of young architects in 2006. Their work is invested in the domains of architecture, scenography and ephemeral installation, and lies close to the ideas of the live performance and the world of contemporary art.

Encore Heureux claims a fun and friendly function in architecture. Its various creations act as a testament to this including Petit Bain (floating items, Paris, 2011) and Chinoiserie (chapiteau démontable, Bordeaux, 2006). The agency was curator of the Matière Grise exhibition devoted to the reuse of building materials at the Pavillon de l’Arsenal (Paris, 2014).

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