Demas Nwoko

(Nigeria, 1935)

Demas Nwoko, New Culture Studio, 1967 Courtesy Ugochukwu C; Nzewi

Demas Nwoko is an architect, painter and set designer who began his training in 1957 at the Nigerian University of Arts, Sciences and Technology of Zaria. He joined the artistic collective the Zaria Art Society, before traveling to France and Japan in 1961 where he learned the craft of set design. As an avant-garde artist Nwoko has committed himself to creating a synthesis of entirely personal art, operating a kind of syncretism of architectural languages. His creations reveal the influence of traditional Nigerian shapes including Igbo architecture, which he combines with western concepts and Japanese construction techniques.

In 1972 he was commissioned to handle the construction of the Oba Akenzua cultural centre in Benin City Nigeria (1995), and it was during this era he also created the Dominican Chapel and Monastery of Ibadan in Oyo State in Nigeria in 1975.

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