(France, 1976 & 1978)

Pier Schneider & François Wunschel

1024, 24 lignes, 2017, Installation, Le Café de La Panacée Courtesy 1024 et Brice Pelleschi

1024 architecture is a creative label that was founded in Paris in 2007 by François Wunschel and Pier Schneider. Architects by training and ‘artists by conditioning’ they graduated from the École nationale supérieure d’architecture de Paris la Villette (ENSAPLV/2003), They also co-founded the collective EXYZT. Their installations emphasize the interaction between digital technology and analog construction by bring physical, acoustic and visual space into contact with each other. Their ephemeral, nomadic, digital architecture has been exhibited around the world, from Vancouver to Tokyo, via New York, Montreal, Shanghai and Mexico.

1024 took part in the 10th Venice Biennale of Architecture, transforming the French pavilion into a real living space: METAVILLA (2006, with EXYZT, Patrick Bouchain and Daniel Buren). Their project WALKING Cube won the Public Prize in 2016 at the New Technological Art Award (NTAA), Belgium.

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